As the laboratory of the School of Education, the Children’s School has a permanent staff of master teachers and a rotation of student teachers in each classroom.

Our Head Teachers areā€¦

  • Highly educated; all have graduate degrees or commensurate years of experience andĀ professional credentials
  • Dedicated to the dual role of working with young children and mentoring college students
  • Committed to their work, representing many decades of experience in the field
  • Researchers who publish, present, and advance knowledge in the field of childhood education
  • Excited to partner with families in co-educating our wonderful students

Our Staff

  • Debra Brown
    Debra Brown Head of School
  • Sara Sutherland
    Sara Sutherland Assistant Head of School
  • Whitney Walker
    Whitney Walker Admissions Director
  • Teresa Henry
    Teresa Henry Program Assistant
  • Rosario Valdez de Gillette
    Rosario Valdez de Gillette Housekeeper


  • Seferina Rivera
    Seferina Rivera Morning Head Teacher
  • Betsy Hedges
    Betsy Hedges Afternoon Head Teacher

Younger Preschool

  • Jenine Schmidt
    Jenine Schmidt Morning Head Teacher
  • Cierra Townsend
    Cierra Townsend Afternoon Head Teacher
  • Jane Simon
    Jane Simon Geranium Head Teacher

Transitional Kindergarten

  • Nanu Clark
    Nanu Clark TK Head Teacher
  • Ruby Darling & Samantha Curran
    Ruby Darling & Samantha Curran Afternoon TK Lead Teachers

Elementary School

  • Jenny Bond
    Jenny Bond K/1 Head Teacher
  • Rebecca Keller
    Rebecca Keller K/1 Head Teacher
  • Carey Truitt
    Carey Truitt 2/3 Head Teacher
  • Anne Malamud
    Anne Malamud 4/5 Head Teacher
  • Gyasi Coles
    Gyasi Coles SAC & PE Head Teacher
  • Sofia Sharpe
    Sofia Sharpe Art Teacher