Focusing on the First Decade of a Child’s Life

MCCS is a progressive independent school with a constructivist model of education, a hands-on experiential learning process that spans our Infant/Toddler through Fifth Grade classrooms. By serving children from age 0-10, we focus on the foundational first decade of a child’s life. Teachers create spaces that build on children’s interests, giving all of our students the opportunity to enjoy experiences that foster social learning in an exploratory and creative manner. 

Our highly-qualified head teachers and dedicated student teachers provide an integrated curriculum that fosters developmentally-appropriate experiences for each age and stage. We consider the full range of children’s cognitive, motor, language, and social-emotional development. We value the diversity of our community and work in partnership with families to support their child’s positive identity and academic success. Maintaining balanced classrooms benefits both the children and the adult learners in our programs.

Children’s School


In the Infant/Toddler classroom, we implement a primary caregiving model, where each teacher focuses their care and attention on two to three children. Each primary caregiver supports the parent-child transition to and from school, tracks the child’s needs throughout the day, helps the child with most of their diapering, sleeping, and eating needs, and serves as a secure base from which to explore.



For two- to three-year-olds, we offer two Younger Preschool classrooms–one half day and one full day. This program progresses into a group care model, where teachers set up a range of activities, both inside the classroom and outdoors, and provide many opportunities for hands-on learning through emergent play-based curriculum inspired by the children’s interests.

Transitional Kindergarten

Our Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classroom serves as a one-year bridge between preschool and Kindergarten, providing more structured small and large group activities to meet the unique needs of four-year-olds with a balanced program, a meaningful curriculum, and a rich social-emotional environment.


K-5 Elementary

In our Elementary School, we focus on the crucial primary years of Kindergarten through 5th grade. Teaching and learning are infused with creative approaches that meet the needs of all children, and our strong academics are enriched with additional expert teaching for music, art and physical education.

Come and see for yourself! School tours are held between November-February each year, but we accept applications and welcome inquiries all year round. We look forward to showing you around our beautiful school!